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What influences the endurance of electric vehicles?

Edit:Shanghai Lai Zhi Trading Co., Ltd. UpDate: Dec 5, 2018

Nowadays, battery technology is still developing, but it is not easy to break through in technology. If we can improve the performance of electric vehicles from other aspects, we still need to see the heating of batteries. We will continue to understand the small tapes.

First of all, the genes are good. The current heating system of all fuel-fired vehicles is a water heater. The working flow of both systems is the same, but the engine heat source is replaced by PTC water heater. This inheritance relationship can save the cost of converting the existing models into electric vehicles. And the effect is similar.

Secondly, BMS has advantages. With PTC water heater, the water channel can be spread into the battery box. First, it can keep warm in winter and second, it can heat in summer. Because most cities in China have special road conditions in summer, you know, waterproofing is very important. Batteries need heat dissipation in summer and heating in winter. This contradiction can be solved by water heating.

Next is security considerations and layout. PTC water heater, because the water through the evaporator to heat, it does not need to plug into the air conditioning assembly, can be installed in other locations, and domestic and foreign technology has begun to think of lightweight, miniaturized, intelligent development. As for safety, PTC heater is moved out of the air conditioning assembly, without the hidden danger of melting air duct. The temperature of antifreeze is the water temperature previously mentioned. It has boiling point, that is, natural temperature protection. PTC water heater has good protection ability, temperature control and mechanical protection and program control of double insurance, safety naturally in a higher level.

That’s why foreign giants keep their eyes on water heaters.

Look at the development of domestic electric vehicle heaters.

For various reasons, PTC air heater is mainly used in China. As for PTC water heater, Taizhou Decheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has independently developed, the products have been upgraded to the fourth generation, and began to contact with large domestic automobile companies, and further develop the latest products suitable for lead-acid electric vehicles.

Either way, it is heated by feeding current to the large resistance, thus consuming a large amount of electricity. To this end, manufacturers are taking various countermeasures. For example, the i-MiEV has a “MAX” switch on the air conditioner. If this button is not pressed, refrigeration and heating and air conditioning will not run at full capacity, thereby reducing power consumption.

Despite various measures taken by manufacturers, the distance of electric vehicles using heating and air conditioning will still be greatly reduced. For example, when i-MiEV travels in urban areas, if it does not use air conditioning, the endurance distance can reach 120 km, when it uses refrigeration air conditioning, the endurance distance can be reduced to 100 km, and when it uses heating air conditioning, it can be reduced to 80 km.

If the driving distance of heating and air conditioning will be reduced to half, then, in order to drive at the same distance as that without air conditioning, the energy density of batteries will be doubled or the heating efficiency of heaters will be improved. It has the same value as doubling the energy density of batteries. Isn’t electric vehicle heater an important development topic?

By the way, when the author proposed to the automobile manufacturer’s technicians that “heating pump can be used” as a cost-saving proposal, the answer was “no use” in the cold zone where heaters are most needed. Are technicians willing to challenge the development of new heaters?

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