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What’s the difference between flat cushion, bullet cushion and stop gasket?

Edit:Shanghai Lai Zhi Trading Co., Ltd. UpDate: Nov 26, 2018

1 about flat mat

Flat cushion, mainly stamped with iron plate, is generally a flat washer in shape, with a hole in the middle. The function of flat cushion: (1) Increase the contact area between screw and machine. (2) Eliminate the damage to machine surface caused by spring pad when unloading screw. When used, it must be a spring cushion and a flat cushion, the flat cushion is next to the surface of the machine, and the spring cushion is between the flat cushion and the nut.

2 about elastic pad

Spring washer is widely used in load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of general mechanical products. It is characterized by low cost, convenient installation and suitable for parts with frequent assembly and disassembly. But the anti-loosening ability of spring washer is very low! Especially in the current European and American countries, the adoption rate of high reliability products is very low, especially the important connecting parts of bearing structures have been abandoned for many years. Our country still has some applications in military industry, but it has been improved to stainless steel. It is said that steel spring washers have long been banned in CASC. It is also very unsafe, because there are two reasons: 1 is “rising circle” 2 is hydrogen embrittlement.

The spring washer is installed under the nut to prevent the nut from loosening. Spring washer is used to prevent loosening. Flat washer has no loosening prevention function. Flat washer only increases contact area.

The flat cushion only enlarges the contact area, and the spring cushion can prevent loosening. For example, the bolts connecting the motor and the machine base are usually added with the spring cushion, because if the motor vibrates without the spring cushion, the nut will loosen and spring cushion is installed on the fastener of the equipment with vibration.

The main function of the flat washer is to protect the surface of the connecting parts from scratching the surface of the workpiece when the bolts and nuts are tightened; the spring cushion is anti-loosening. However, some important connections, such as those that rely mainly on compression to generate friction to transmit power, can not use spring pads. If the connection rigidity is reduced, accidents will easily occur.

3 about stop gaskets

As the name implies, stop washer is a washer used with nuts to prevent loosening of nuts. Generally divided into round nut with stop washer, tongue stop washer, double ear stop washer, single ear stop washer and so on. Stop washers for round nuts are mainly used in small round nuts locking occasions; outer tongue stop washers, double ear stop washers and single ear stop washers are used in the occasion of locking with general nuts.

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